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For example, imagine we were writing an article called, “Should I Expect to Deal With Flying Monkeys When I Distance Myself from the Narcissist in My Life?”

We could easily write, “Yes you should”, explain why, and just leave it at that. But what is more valuable… A. Our expertise or B. Our expertise combined with the lived experiences of hundreds of other people who have also experienced toxic/abusive relationships?

Yeah, definitely option B!

So, a survey question that we would send to make this article incredibly helpful for our readers is, “When you distanced yourself from the narcissist in your life, did you have to deal with flying monkeys?”

Once we go through all of the answers and finalize the survey, we will have an additional piece of content that we can add into the article to help our readers make conscious and well-informed decisions that protect them from the toxic/abusive people in their life!

If you decide to become an Unfilteredd Survey Participant, it is important to remember that you don’t have to participate in every survey. 

We understand that some of the survey questions we ask could be triggering while others may be therapeutic. Our surveys are completely anonymous, you can unsubscribe at any time, and each survey email will have a disclaimer right at the top of the email to remind you that the following question may be triggering.

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