Our Research

The purpose of the research that we conduct here at Unfilteredd is to validate the experiences of the victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse as well as center the conversation of narcissistic abuse around its hidden aspects to give those in need the information required to truly heal from the abuse they’ve suffered and to live the healthyhappy and inspiring life that they were always meant to have.

Do Narcissists use children as flying monkeys?

In this study we asked 200 survivors the following Did the narcissist in your life manipulate your children into becoming flying monkeys?”.

Click here to see the pdf file with all the data and read the whole article and study from here.

What Happens During Narcissistic Rage?

We conducted a survey among 100 survivors of narcissistic abuse. The purpose of this survey was to illuminate the spectrum that narcissistic rage is on and how progressive it can be. We started this survey out by breaking narcissistic rage into five sections (physical violence A, physical violence B, psychological violence, sexual violence, and neglect). By separating narcissistic rage into five sections we were easily able to track how many of the participants experienced multiple different forms of narcissistic rage.

To read the whole study, click here.

Is Cheating Actually a Part of Narcissism?

We conducted a study among 81 survivors of narcissistic abuse to determine three things: the percentage of survivors who experienced cheating in their narcissistic relationship, the attitude their narcissistic ex had towards their own infidelity, and whether or not the narcissist cheated again.

From there, we conducted another study, with the same focus, among 73 people who have been cheated on by non-narcissistic partners in the hopes that our findings would clarify whether or not cheating is a core aspect of narcissism, narcissistic personalities, and narcissistic abuse.

Read the full study from here.

How Long Does the Love Bombing Phase Last?

For this study we interviewed 59 survivors of grandiose narcissistic abuse, 53 survivors of malignant narcissistic abuse, 52 survivors of communal narcissistic abuse, and 57 survivors of covert narcissistic abuse and asked them the following questions:

  1. Why did you gravitate towards the relationship?
  2. How long did it take for you to be interested in the narcissist?
  3. How long did the love bombing phase last?

See the data from here and read the whole article explaining the data from here.

Do Narcissists Turn On Their Flying Monkeys?

In this article, we were able to interview three individuals who were once flying monkeys to find out how they were recruited, how long it took the narcissist to turn on them, and why did the narcissist turn on them.

Read the interviews from here.

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