Listening to “Unpacking Narcissism” episodes will help you grasp a comprehensive understanding of narcissism and help you protect yourself and/or heal from narcissistic abuse.

Do you know why do narcissists seek out a relationship if they don’t have any intention of making it last? (02:50)

Do you know what makes it impossible for victims of narcissistic abuse to confront narcissists about their behavior? (11:05)

Are you wondering how, as an empath, you should deal with situations where the narcissist in your life takes advantaged of your empathetic traits? (18:50)

Do you know how trauma can cause people to develop narcissistic traits? (28:25)

Are you wondering why do narcissistic relationships last for so long? (33:47)

If any of these questions interest you, then this episode is for you because Dr. Brooke White will be discussing these topics in our show today.

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Meet Dr. White

Dr White is the owner of Full Circle Health and Wellness, LLC. She specializes in the treatment of trauma/PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), anxiety and stress. She primarily utilizes cognitive/behavioral interventions with an emphasis on mindfulness and acceptance based approaches. She works with individuals from age 6 on, including adults of all ages.

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