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Elijah Akin, Co-founder
Juliana Akin, Co-founder
“After reading the article How to Beat Flying Monkeys‘, I consider the work incredibly insightful, informative, and one of the best in clarifying and understanding the spectrum of narcissism and narcissistic abuse in relationships.”
Isabel T.
“I have been doing a ton of research lately and the How to Have a Healthy Relationship After Narcissistic Abuse’ is one of the best articles I have found! Highly recommend.”
Merret Anne Mann
“Amazing articles! Gradually, oh so gradually, I am breaking through the trauma bond from my nex. I found the article ‘A Complete Guide to the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle‘ very helpful, thank you!”
Barbara B.
“Brilliant article! I love the illustrations too. I read the whole ‘A Complete Guide to the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle‘ article and got so much insight from it. I will share this because it was so helpful.”
W.S. Wright
“The article ‘Living With a Narcissist When Leaving Isn’t an Option’ helped me to reflect the information to my own situation and helped me to process the abuse that I experienced in my past relationship that lasted nearly 20 years.”
Marjua Nadeau
“The content this website provides has been extremely important in my life… made me really learn what narcissistic traits are and helped me find true answers to a lot of questions I was having regarding an ex. I highly recommend.”
Sarah Wrangler