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Our names are Juliana and Elijah Akin and we are the founders of Unfilteredd. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a friend of ours revealed to us that she was being abused by her romantic partner and asked us for help.

After spending weeks searching Google for information that we could use to help our friend, we quickly realized that there weren’t many websites that offered free and comprehensive information that could truly help those experiencing abuse protect themselves and heal.

So, we ended up buying our friend a course that was supposed to help her break her trauma bond, use adaptive coping behaviors instead of maladaptive coping behaviors, protect herself from manipulation tactics, hold onto her reality, reconnect with her core values, and motivate her to leave the relationship, but it was all a lie. 

The information in the course was all over the place, could potentially cause someone to blame themselves for the abuse that they were experiencing, and was clearly just thrown together to make a quick buck. 

This, combined with the fact that we both have experienced toxic/abusive relationships ourselves, motivated us to create and design Unfilteredd to be a space that provides you with the ongoing support and education that you need to protect yourself and/or heal from toxic/abusive relationships.

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Elijah Akin, Co-founder
Juliana Akin, Co-founder