Listening to “Unpacking Narcissism” episodes will help you grasp a comprehensive understanding of narcissism and help you protect yourself and/or heal from narcissistic abuse.

In this episode, you will learn how to protect yourself from the following manipulation tactics. 

Home Court (02:26)

  • When someone insists on meeting you in a specific location because it will help them control and/or manipulate you more easily.

Time Dominance (08:04)

  • When someone controls the length of the interaction that you are having with them to their advantage.

Making You Wait (13:24)

  • When you ask someone to do something important for you, they agree, but then makes you wait on them to show that they are the one in control.

Putting You on the Spot (16:59)

  • When someone forces you into a hard conversation without giving you time to prepare or asks you a difficult question in front of a group of people. 

Catastrophizing (30:02)

  • When someone assumes that the worst will happen. Abusive people often use it as a manipulation tactic.

So, if you want to learn how to defend yourself against these five manipulation tactics, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

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Meet Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor is a coach and licensed psychologist based in California. She helps adult children of narcissistic parents stop walking on eggshells and step into their power and purpose. Her clients are acutely perceptive of others’ needs, but struggle to put themselves first. Dr. Taylor Damiani helps them come home to themselves and grow in self-love, acceptance and worth.


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