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Listening to “Unpacking Narcissism” episodes will help you grasp a comprehensive understanding of narcissism and help you protect yourself and/or heal from narcissistic abuse.

What Are We Discussing In This Episode? 

In this episode, we focus on three topics related to narcissistic abuse: 

  • What do narcissists want? (01:23)
  • Why do we give them what they want? (11:10)
  • Why is it so unlikely that a narcissist will change? (26:55)

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More Information About the Host & Elizabeth Miller

The host, Juliana Akin, is a co-founder of Unfilteredd, a lawyer, and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. She creates content about narcissism and narcissistic abuse to share her personal experiences with healing because she hopes that by sharing her journey, she can help you navigate yours.

Elizabeth Miller is a psychotherapist certified in treating personality disorders, specializing in treating narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). She also works with individuals who are or have been in a relationship with someone with NPD. In addition, she has worked with numerous couples and families to navigate the complicated process of divorce, parenting plans, and property division.

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