Leanne Cameron, MEd, RCT, CCC

Leanne Cameron, MEd, RCT, CCC, is one of Unfilteredd’s go-to experts for information about narcissism and narcissistic abuse.

She works closely with Unfilteredd’s Editorial Team to ensure our content is accurate, actionable, inclusive, and trustworthy.

As a clinical supervisor for two addiction facilities, Leanne has tremendous experience with complex mental health issues. 

She has been helping clients recognize codependency traits, identify narcissistic individuals in their relationships, and understand how emotional dysregulation leads to mental health and relational complications for eight years.

Leanne earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. 

After that, she pursued an Advanced Diploma in Addiction from Nova Scotia Community College in Kentville, NS. 

She further expanded her knowledge by completing a Master’s in Education focusing on Counseling at Acadia University in Wolfville, NS.

She endured narcissistic abuse growing up in an alcoholic home with emotional neglect. 

Her childhood coping skills masked the trauma until adult relationships revealed a pattern of choosing emotionally distant partners. 

She often prioritized others over herself, feeling fulfilled only when they were happy. 

This pattern pushed her to a breaking point, which became a transformative journey. 

Now, she is devoted to understanding herself and guiding others in recognizing and altering their behaviors.