In this episode Dennaé Dumas, a Licensed Master Social Worker, will answer five questions from our Community:

  • How do you learn to trust yourself again after being in a toxic relationship?
  • I don’t want to ruin my marriage but my past experience with abuse is haunting me. How do I keep this healthy relationship alive while healing from a toxic one?
  • Why does being in a healthy relationship after a toxic one feel so hard? Are my expectations corrupted?
  • I know I made the right decision by leaving. She was narcissistic and our relationship was toxic for so long. But I am just curious, can toxic relationships ever work?
  • What are some signs that a relationship is broken beyond repair?

Dennaé Dumas holds both a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. She specializes in sex and couples’ psychotherapy. 

Dennaé is a culturally competent, trauma-informed psychotherapist who believes in a collaborative therapeutic relationship. She works with individuals, couples, and multi-partner relationships using a holistic approach to psychological and emotional wellness. Her clinical methods pull from many treatment modalities including CBT, DBT, IFS, EFT, IMAGO, Gottman Method, mindfulness, trauma-informed practices, somatic treatments, and psychodynamic psychotherapy to offer the best care possible for her clients. 

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