In this episode Conor Deeney, psychotherapist, trainer, and consultant, will answer four questions from our community:

  • My biggest struggle is dealing with hoovering. Every time it happens it triggers the positive memories that I have with the narcissist and my brain begins to justify all of the abuse. Besides going no contact, what can I do to stop justifying the abuse and falling for the hoovering attempts?
  • I am in the process of breaking my trauma bond. What are 5-10 signs that I can look out for that indicate that the trauma bond has been broken?
  • Can you please give me a really detailed example of mirroring? I feel like the narcissist in my life is just copying my identity but I am not sure.
  • One of the ways that my narcissistic wife dominates me is by starting an argument and blocking me before I can get my point across. It makes me go crazy every time and I am tired of her having so much control over me. What are some ways that I can validate myself in those situations so I don’t fall for her baiting tactics?

Conor is a senior psychotherapist specializing in trauma and attachment at Psyche Therapy Centre, and a trainer and consultant at the Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing (ATTCH).

Conor is a passionate person who is focused on helping people heal from the negative experiences in life, and has vast experience within the helping profession in a variety of roles across the U.K. and Canada.  

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