In this episode, Janet Bayramyan, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Trauma Therapist, will answer five questions from our Narcissistic Abuse Support Platform Community members:

  • The narcissist in my life always gets away with his abuse. How can I manage the injustice of narcissistic relationships?
  • I’m not sure if it is rumination, fear, anxiety, or what but all I can talk about is the narcissist. I haven’t seen her in a year but I can’t stop talking about her. Even my family has pointed out this problem. How can I fix it?
  • The narcissist in my life always tricks me into doing something and then shames me for it. How can I avoid this dynamic?
  • I have started dating again. I am wondering how I can tell the difference between love bombing and a healthy and passionate connection.
  • The narcissist in my life always starts arguments before we go to sleep. How can I stop him from depriving me of sleep?

Janet believes everyone has a powerful story, and she also believes in everyone’s inner resiliency and self-empowerment. Janet believes that everyone who has experienced life’s ups and downs are incredibly resilient, and she likes to see herself as a guide to support in getting to a place of inner acceptance and harmony. 

Janet Bayramyan is an EMDR certified psychotherapist. She is also trained in Attachment Focused EMDR, the Havening Techniques, Brainspotting, and other trauma modalities.

Using the lens of EMDR, Janet helps clients understand and process the impact of trauma and move through states of protection and connection in their nervous system to establish an embodied sense of safety.

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