In this episode Sarah Finch, an Integrative Counsellor and Narcissist Abuse Specialist, will answer seven questions from our community:

  • What is parental alienation and how does it work?
  • I am going to be divorcing a narcissist this year. What are the warning signs of parental alienation that I should look out for?
  • How can you reconnect with your child after parental alienation?
  • Do you remember the effect that parental alienation had on your child? I would like to know more about what parental alienation does to a child.
  • How can I manage the painful emotions/feelings/thoughts that parental alienation creates?
  • Did your child ever share with you about how the alienation made him feel?
  • How did you get the parental alienation to stop?

Sarah has experience working with women who have suffered trauma, addiction, domestic abuse and has a good understanding of the dynamic between the narcissist and the co-dependent in relationships.

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