Bianca Garcia is a Psychotherapist currently pursuing full licensure in New York state with a background in crisis-intervention and Integrative Psychology. Bianca’s unique experience attending Graduate School during the height of the pandemic helped shift her focus into supporting clients who feel “behind” in life and through various life transitions. As a young professional herself trying to gain a sense of independence, she recognizes the challenges and barriers in real-time that could be hindering others’ from reaching their goals. This can include healing wounds from abusive relationships that affect one’s self-confidence and motivation. Using a humanistic approach, Bianca looks to make genuine connections with her clients in order to support them in creating healthy timelines for their personal goals. 

Though new in the field, Bianca is eager and passionate about learning more and connecting with others beyond physical borders. With virtual settings expanding and gaining in popularity following the Pandemic, Bianca is hoping to reach all kinds of individuals from various cultures and backgrounds in order to increase compassion and challenge societal pressures to reach specific milestones by a certain age. Bianca currently serves clients in New York City and other areas of New York State.


  • SUNY New Paltz – Bachelor’s in Psychology May 2018
  • SUNY New Paltz – M.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling August 2022



  • Institute for Human Identity: LGBTQ+ Culturally Responsive Therapy Certificate #00361 (December 2022)

Areas Bianca Can Work In:

  • New York

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