Nick Kerry is a qualified psychotherapist who specializes in narcissistic/codependent relationships. Over the last ten years, he has specialized in psychological support for those experiencing narcissistic abuse. He believes that the prevalence of such abuse in our culture, perhaps in all cultures, is undeniable, when clients have increasingly been presenting with relationships, whether with parent/s, (ex-) partners, bosses, friends, or siblings, proving destructive of their mental health. 

In response to such need he decided to develop a professional online mentoring service, delivered by people who know what it is to have experienced the emotional and psychological traumas of narcissistic abuse. Having learned to manage their own traumatizing histories, as well as having completed the Narc & Co mentoring training program, they are uniquely placed to support his clients in their recovery and healing. All mentoring work will be supported and supervised by Nick Kerry.

His website offers information which, hopefully, will help you to decide if you can benefit from the service on offer. He believes that though traumatic life-experience is created in a relationship, nevertheless it can be healed by a relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and learning.


  • Bachelor Degree Social Work
  • Post Graduate Diploma Counselling
  • Masters Degree Addiction
  • Masters Degree Psychotherapy


  • Systemic Psychotherapy MSc
  • Addiction MSc
  • PGdip Psychodynamic Couns.
  • BSW Social Work

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