Listening to “Abusive, Toxic & Healthy Relationships” episodes will help you grasp a comprehensive understanding of abusive, toxic, and healthy relationships.

Do you want to learn about the different parts of the self? (02:43)

Do you want to know the signs that someone has lost their identity in a relationship? (07:39)

Do you want to know why abusive relationships cause us to lose our identity? (15:40)

Do you want to learn how to hold onto your identity in an abusive relationship? (18:03)

Do you want to learn how to rebuild your sense of self after an abusive relationship? (20:45)

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this episode is for you because Dennae will be discussing these topics in our show today. In this episode there is also a detailed walk-through of a journaling exercise that can help you to rebuild your sense of self (25:10).

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Meet Dennaé Dumas

Dennaé Dumas is a Licensed Master Social Worker, who is licensed in the states of New York and New Jersey. 

Dennaé is a culturally competent, trauma-informed psychotherapist who believes in a collaborative therapeutic relationship. She works with individuals, couples, and multi-partner relationships using a holistic approach to psychological and emotional wellness. Her clinical methods pull from many treatment modalities including CBT, DBT, IFS, EFT, IMAGO, Gottman Method, mindfulness, trauma-informed practices, somatic treatments, and psychodynamic psychotherapy to offer the best care possible for her clients. 


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