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Listening to “Unpacking Narcissism” episodes will help you grasp a comprehensive understanding of narcissism and help you protect yourself and/or heal from narcissistic abuse.

What Are We Discussing In This Episode? 

In this episode, we will focus on 12 narcissistic traits:

  • Grandiosity (01:44)
  • Grandiose Fantasies (06:42)
  • Lack of Empathy (11:44)
  • Need for Admiration (18:08)
  • Sense of Entitlement (20:59)
  • Lack of Accountability (26:38)
  • Difficulty with Criticism (36:53)
  • Need For Control (40:36)
  • Lack of Boundaries (46:18)
  • Intense Envy (54:33)
  • Impulsivity (57:15)
  • Exploitive/Manipulative Behavior (01:00:25)

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More Information About the Host & Cynthia Eddings

The host, Juliana Akin, is a co-founder of Unfilteredd, a lawyer, and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. She creates content about narcissism and narcissistic abuse to share her personal experiences with healing because she hopes that by sharing her journey, she can help you navigate yours.

Cynthia Eddings is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) specializing in narcissistic abuse recovery. She is the author of ‘The Narcissism Recovery Journal: Prompts and Practices for Healing from Emotional Abuse’ and has been featured in publications including The Zoe Report and Woman’s World.

Cynthia’s area of expertise stems from personal experiences. She understands the dynamics of narcissistic abuse from the perspective of having parents with high narcissistic traits and falling into the same patterns in adulthood. She enjoys working with clients who want to heal from narcissistic abuse, and she does so by helping them uncover their authentic selves.

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