8 Red Flags of a Narcissist


Lack of Accountability

Lack of accountability refers to a reluctance or refusal to take responsibility for one’s actions and a tendency to blame others or external circumstances for one’s own mistakes or failures.


Difficulty with Criticism

Difficulty with criticism refers to a sensitivity to negative feedback or criticism, which can lead to defensiveness, avoidance, or retaliation.


Need for Control

The need for control refers to a desire to have power or authority over others and to dictate or manipulate situations to one’s advantage.


Lack of Boundaries

Lack of boundaries refers to a tendency to disregard or violate the personal boundaries of others or to have weak boundaries oneself, leading to a lack of respect for others’ autonomy and privacy.


Intense Envy

Intense envy refers to a strong resentment or jealousy towards others who possess qualities or achievements that one desires for oneself.



Impulsivity refers to a tendency to act impulsively or without considering the consequences, often leading to rash or reckless behavior.


Exploitive/Manipulative Behavior

Exploitive/manipulative behavior refers to a tendency to use others for one’s own gain or benefit, often by manipulating or deceiving them without regard for their well-being or interests.


Intense Mood Swings

Intense mood swings are rapid and extreme fluctuations in mood, often without a clear cause.