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In 5 Strategies episodes, mental health professionals share five clear, practical strategies to help you deal with various challenges that narcissistic abuse causes.

What Are We Discussing In This Episode? 

In this episode, we focus on five strategies for overcoming self-doubt: 

  • Build a healthy support network (03:38)
  • Practice reaffirming your own voice of who you are (11:03)
  • Recognize and understand the impact of self-doubt (18:30)
  • Separate confidence from narcissism (26:07)
  • Get to know you (31:30)

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More Information About the Host & Alexandra Walsh

The host, Juliana Akin, is a co-founder of Unfilteredd, a lawyer, and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. She creates content about narcissism and narcissistic abuse to share her personal experiences with healing because she hopes that by sharing her journey, she can help you navigate yours.

Alexandra Walsh is a licensed mental health counselor. She is the owner of the mental health group practice, The M.A.D. Therapy and creator of the mental health hub, The M.A.D. Beyond. She is mad about providing therapy to survivors of abuse. She has specialized training and experience working with people in narcissistic or pathological love relationships, navigating a relationship with a personality-disordered person, and healing from emotional, psychological, and narcissistic abuse. 

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