How to Set Boundaries with a Narcissist

Meet Andre O’Donnell, M.A., LMHC.

He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor from Washington State.

In this course, he will give you a complete guide to setting boundaries with a narcissist and their enablers/flying monkeys.

Part 1: The Psychology Behind Boundary Violation by Narcissists

What You Will Learn About:

  • A general overview of narcissistic supply.
  • A general overview of narcissistic behavior.
  • Why it is essential to set boundaries with a narcissist.
  • Internal vs. External Boundaries

Part 2: A General Overview of Healthy vs Unhealthy Boundaries

What You Will Learn About:

  • The importance of healthy boundaries.
  • How boundaries help you maintain healthy relationships.
  • The reason clearly communicating your boundaries is essential.
  • The difference between healthy vs unhealthy boundaries.

Part 3: Practical Tools for Setting Boundaries with Narcissists

What You Will Learn About:

  • Key questions to consider when setting boundaries with narcissists.
  • Setting external and internal boundaries.
  • Tactics narcissists use to violate your boundaries.
  • Addressing boundary violations. 
  • Maintaining consistency when enforcing boundaries.
  • Healing from boundary violations.
  • Coping with narcissistic relationships you can’t get out of.

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