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In this episode Janine Hayter, a psychodynamic, CBT therapist, and narcissistic abuse specialist will answer the following question:

  • “Hey there! I’ve been in an abusive marriage for three years. I’ve gotten really good at managing the emotional abuse but I’m wondering what advice you have for escaping the physical abuse?”

Janine Hayter qualified as a psychodynamic psychotherapist in 2011 and then went on to gain a further qualification in 2020 as a CBT therapist. Her interest in narcissistic abuse came from her own personal experience of a 14 year marriage to what she believed was a narcissist, and the damage the marriage had on her physical and emotional health.

Through research and knowledge she was able to understand what happened to her and why it happened. She now uses this knowledge and experience to help other survivors who are either still living with their abuser and are fearful and confused or they have left and are now trying to put back the pieces of their life and find themselves again.

Podcast Music: Creative Commons Music by Jason Shaw on Audionautix.com