In this episode, Karina Ramdath, a Registered Social Worker and Therapist, will answer six questions from our Community:

  • How can we protect ourselves from gaslighting? I know that we can’t control the narcissist’s behavior, but how can we stop the gaslighting from taking control of our minds?
  • How do I create a safety plan? What are the most important things that I need to take into consideration?
  • What do I need to do to get closure from my ex narcissist? I don’t mean getting closure from them. I just mean getting closure from the situation, moving on, and healing.
  • My biggest weakness is rumination. I am constantly ruminating about my narcissistic ex. Why does rumination occur and how can I stop it from happening?
  • I am battling flying monkeys right now and it is destroying my mental health. What are some things that I should do to protect myself from them and why?
  • Why do narcissists use projection? I can’t bring myself to accept that he honestly believes that I am the one who was cheating, or I am the one with the gambling problem. It is the most delusional thing that I’ve seen!

Karina Ramdath is a compassionate, skilled therapist, who works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, trauma, and other complex mental health concerns. Karina’s professional focus is to support people by validating their experiences and acknowledging their resilience.

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