In this episode, Karina Ramdath, a Registered Social Worker and Therapist, will answer five questions from our Narcissistic Abuse Support Platform Community members:

  • How can I work towards becoming indifferent to the narcissist in my life?
  • How can I protect myself in couples therapy with the narcissist? Everything that I say gets used against me later on. I don’t want therapy to be ANOTHER place that I get minimized.
  • How can I stop poking at the emotional wounds the narcissist left? It is like as soon as I am doing better I have to look at an old photograph. 
  • How can I escape financial abuse? The narc in my life has full control of the family finances. I have a job but he has access to my account.  What steps would you recommend that I take to get out of this situation? 
  • The abuse that I have experienced has caused me to overeat to deal with my emotions, how can I change this behavior?

Karina Ramdath is a compassionate, skilled therapist, who works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, trauma, and other complex mental health concerns. Karina’s professional focus is to support people by validating their experiences and acknowledging their resilience.

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