In this episode, Nicki Paull, an Australian Professional Counsellor and Therapist with expertise in Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome recovery, will answer five questions from our Narcissistic Abuse Support Platform Community:

  • How can I deal with my narcissistic in-laws? My wife isn’t a narcissist but her parents are just awful. I don’t want to just throw all this information at my wife at once. I just want to help her heal.
  • One of the problems that I run into when setting boundaries is that people tell me that my standards are too high. How can I prevent these kinds of comments from causing me to doubt myself?
  • Even though I know all about gaslighting, I still fall for it! Do you have any tips for dealing with gaslighting?
  • I have been in a financially abusive relationship for years and I want to escape. How can I hide money from the narcissist when they have full control of the family finances?
  • What are the most reliable red flags that I can search for in people to steer clear of narcissistic abuse?

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