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In 5 Strategies episodes, mental health professionals share five clear, practical strategies to help you deal with various challenges that narcissistic abuse causes.

What Are We Discussing In This Episode? 

In this episode, we focus on five strategies related to overcoming self-blame that narcissistic abuse causes:

  • Set boundaries to create space for yourself to explore the feelings and thoughts of self-blame (01:03)
  • Practice discernment (12:30)
  • Prepare yourself for grief and painful feelings such as sadness and anger, which might come while you progress in overcoming the self-blame (24:19)
  • Differentiating (31:25)
  • Reclamation of yourself (41:59)

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More Information About the Host & Leanne Cameron

The host, Juliana Akin, is a co-founder of Unfilteredd, a lawyer, and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. She creates content about narcissism and narcissistic abuse to share her personal experiences with healing because she hopes that by sharing her journey, she can help you navigate yours.

Leanne Cameron is a Registered Counseling Therapist, and her passion is working to support individuals who feel disconnected from their authentic selves. Her self-discovery and empowerment journey led to her wanting to help others understand what their journey can mean for them and that it is never too late to improve your life.

Leanne believes that once underlying emotions and beliefs are identified, we can liberate ourselves from destructive patterns and live more authentically.

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