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Listening to “Healing” episodes provides practical strategies for recovery and emotional healing, empowering you to rebuild a fulfilling life after surviving narcissistic abuse.

What Are We Discussing In This Episode? 

In this episode, Lua helps us identify the core beliefs that influence our daily lives, interactions, and relationships. She will guide us through a practice that allows us to recognize and soothe our negative core beliefs.

  • Lua’s centering practice to better access your core beliefs (03:35)
  • Understanding how core beliefs form and their impact on our lives (11:15)
  • The significant role of core beliefs in toxic relationships (23:43)
  • Lua’s soothing practice to prepare for exploring your core beliefs (31:48)
  • Lua’s step-by-step guide to exploring and soothing negative core beliefs (38:17)

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More Information About the Host & Lua Weatherdon

The host, Juliana Akin, is a co-founder of Unfilteredd, a lawyer, and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. She creates content about narcissism and narcissistic abuse to share her personal experiences with healing because she hopes that by sharing her journey, she can help you navigate yours.

Lua Weatherdon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers. She has over fifteen years of experience working in mental health in a variety of settings such as domestic and sexual violence, residential treatment centers, home-based services, crisis intervention and stabilization, outpatient treatment, and schools.  

Lua is passionate about working with adults, children, adolescents and families, to address trauma and abuse, difficulties adjusting to major life changes, depression, anxiety, and also people struggling with a lack of balance or peace in their life.

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  1. The exchange between you two women on trauma is beautiful. Of course it makes me realize I have many things to clear out of my basement. Ha! Thank you both for doing this. I sent it to a colleague.

    1. Hey MJ,

      Thank you for leaving a comment and sending this episode to your colleague!

      We’re happy it helped you reflect on your current situation a bit.

      All the best,


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